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At the start of my road to becoming a product designer, I quickly learned that UI is, unfortunately, not my strong suit. Having a good eye for design and making better design decisions come with practice.

I’ve definitely read my fair share of “how to quickly improve your UI design” articles. At some point, I had a running list of about 20 tips that I would refer to as I designed. It just became too overwhelming. Simply put, I was collecting tips, not really remembering them.

So, I limited my checklist for designing interfaces to five key points:

When the…

What makes a product truly stand out is whether or not it solves an existing problem. How can we know what the problem really is or what users really need without doing the research first? Navigating the problem space can be overwhelming, but I think that the research phase is the most exciting part of the design process.

Here are a few things I always keep in mind.

It goes without saying that preparing for the interviews is essential. Although interviews are a great way to learn from the user, the structure of interviews creates a power dynamic between the…

I first heard of Notion through productivity guru Ali Abdaal’s video. Seeing how Ali used one app for every task, note, and list made my inner productivity geek very happy. Once I learned that Notion was free, I decided to give it a go.

At first, it was a little intimidating. When I first started using this all-in-one workspace, templates were my best friend. I would duplicate all of the templates I could find, then adapt them. Now that I’ve got my system down, I thought I’d share how I use this power tool for planning out my week.

The Set-Up


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